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"See Thru Pipe Reel"

"Why should I convert my reel to your See Thru Pipe Reel?"

  • Better cutterbar visibility
  • You can update woodbat reels, Tear drop reels, and OEM pipe reel units
  • Strongest, most trouble free reel available
  • Updates your reel to be more like the current OEM design
  • Increases resale value
  • Install in just a few hours
  • Uses our patented "Gentle Finger" design
  • Eliminates broken cutterbar components due to steel fingers getting into the cutterbar
  • Eliminates reel wrap

Your new kit will come with the following:

  • All new bearings
  • Bats with new fingers installed
  • Most kits come with an "End Reel Shield Kit"
  • All required hardware
  • Paint

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